Support for your body after Osteopathic Treatment

Sometimes your body may be sore after osteopathic treatment.  This can be for a variety of reasons.  It may be because you were sore before you walked in the door and it hasn’t fully resolved yet. Or perhaps your osteopath has got your body to move in a way it hasn’t for a long time […]

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Postural and Stretching Guidelines

Most people experience some degree of pain each day either due to overuse of the muscles and joints, or an existing injury. Inflammation is the cause of that pain and if it can be removed from the painful area early enough, pain is no longer experienced. Stretching and good posture seem like such basic advice but […]

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Osteopathic Care After Surgery

Osteopathic treatment before and after surgery may aid your recovery. The effect of osteopathic treatment on postoperative patients has been studied for a variety of surgical procedures, and studies have shown some positive benefits*. We’ve created a video which explains how we would work with your body to decrease your pain and swelling. Surgery itself, […]

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An Osteopathic Approach to Poor Latch

Have you had trouble breastfeeding because of poor latch? Have you been trying to get your baby’s neck to extend, or heard about the “tummy to tummy” thing but not really got it working? Or perhaps have you had trouble with your baby not opening their mouth very wide, only attaching to the nipple, or […]

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