Osteopathic treatment is a great option for Back Pain.

Research shows that osteopaths are highly qualified to diagnose, treat and manage back pain. Cranial osteopathy is a great option and can be very effective at reducing or alleviating the symptoms of back pain.

There are many causes of back pain. Commonly it is due to inflamed joints or muscles in the spine or pelvis which. This may have resulted from an injury or functional adaption over time from repetitive sprains or strains to the spine, pelvis or hips.

Back pain can also be due to arthritis or disc injury in the spine which can cause swelling around the nerves which can cause back pain, leg pain (which can be a cause of sciatica), or numbness and tingling in the leg.

Osteopathic treatment for lower back pain

Research shows that osteopathic treatment for lower back pain is effective. All of our osteopaths have many, many years of clinic experience in treating and managing lower back pain.

We all use a very gentle technique which is very well tolerated by patients in strong pain. Whether it is acute, severe pain or a chronic long term issue, patients are taken to a balance point to help avoid exacerbating the pain. There is very little movement needed from the person who is experiencing the lower back pain and they are very comfortable during treatment.

Apart from treating the spine the osteopath will also treat the other areas of your body that are causing compensatory problems for the spine.

If you have further questions about growing pains please contact our clinic and talk to one of our osteopaths.

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