What are Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries are strains or impact traumas that occur during physical activity.  All of the body can be effected but they are most commonly lower limb injuries.


What type of strains occur in sports injuries?

The most common tissues affected are muscle strains and ligamentous sprains.

Muscle strains occur when  the body is pushed passed its normal physiological limit.  This can occur with anybody, from the unfit to professional sports people.  The severity of injury can range from a mild strain, to a severe tear.

Ligamentous sprains occur when a joint is pushed beyond its normal range of motion.  Depending on the degree of severity of damage the ligaments may be slightly stretched in a mild sprain or completely ruptured in severe injuries.

Immediately after the injury it is important to rest, ice, compress and elevated the injured tissues.  This can be done intermittently for hours after the injury.  Osteopathic treatment as early as possible helps with restoring the normal balance of the effected tissue as well as helping with drainage.  Continued treatment helps speed the recovery, reduce pain and restore normal range of motion.  In some cases where there has been rupture of tissues surgery may be required.

Impact injuries can effect muscles, bones and ligaments.

Direct trauma to the body can result in bruising, and in more severe cases dislocation or fracture.  In cases of bruising rest, ice, compression and elevation is important in the early stages.  The impact injuries may also effect the surrounding bones and joints and these strain patterns can slow healing and may cause long term dysfunction.  Osteopathic treatment can help restore normal balance and aid the healing of the effected tissues.

Sports injuries can occur anywhere.

Sports injuries can occur on the sporting field, but they can also occur during everyday activities like walking the dog or going down stairs, or jumping on the trampoline (more common in children).  Osteopathy is a great way to aid recovery.  Osteopaths are also able to give you exercise programs to help restore full function.  For more information please contact our clinic.