I’ve added this video in for you all because I find it’s so much easier to see things than to read them when I’m talking about movements! In this I show the rhythmic movements I teach parents to help their baby understand where their body is in space better.

This will help them to be able to breastfeed better because they will know their head could be in a different position and start to try to move it to a more comfortable position etc.

It will also help them to sit better and to get them to progress with their movement development generally.


I use funny names for them so that they’re easy to remember which I didn’t mention in the video but I will pop them in here for you so you’ve got a little list to run through in your head:

  1. Jelly on a plate up
  2. Jelly on a plate down
  3. Rib rocking
  4. Sushi roll
  5. Side jelly right
  6. Side jelly left
  7. Compress hips to head
  8. Roll them onto their tummy
  9. Pelvic rocking
  10. Spinal stimulation

If you need help pop in for an appointment and we can go through it properly and check why your baby may not be liking the movements (they may have a bit of tension somewhere that is making it uncomfortable for them).