Vlog: Back Pain and how osteopathic treatment can help.

Osteopathic treatment is a great option for Back Pain. Research shows that osteopaths are highly qualified to diagnose, treat and manage back pain.¬†Cranial osteopathy is a great option and can be very effective at reducing or alleviating the symptoms of back pain. There are many causes of back pain. Commonly it is due to inflamed […]

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Vlog: Osteopathy for children with growing pain

Osteopathy is a great option to assist children experiencing growing pain. Cranial Osteopathy is a great alternative and can be very effective at reducing or alleviating symptoms. Growing pains are a common occurrence in children during rapid growth phases. Pain is experienced by the child most commonly in the legs, although other areas ay […]

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Video Blog: Is orthodontic work giving you jaw pain or headaches?

Osteopathic treatment can give effective relief of pain during orthodontic work. Orthodontic work is the use of dental appliances or braces that apply small amounts of force over a long period of time to the bones of the jaw and the posititioning of teeth. Osteopathic treatment can support the body during the changes placed upon […]

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Video Blog: Osteopathic Care After Any Surgery

Osteopathic treatment before and after surgery may aid your recovery. The effect of osteopathic treatment on postoperative patients has been studied for a variety of surgical procedures, and studies have shown some positive benefits*. We’ve created a video which explains how we would work with your body to decrease your pain and swelling. Surgery itself, […]

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