Below is an awesome video that our practitioners found interesting.

Osteopaths, especially cranial osteopaths have been told for years there is no scientific proof there was any movement in the brain. Now there is scientific proof that the human brain beats just like the heart.

Every second or so, your heartbeat sends blood surging through the vessels of your body. The impact of this can be felt throughout the body—in the wrists, the neck and the ankles. What you probably won’t detect is the subtle pulsing of your brain as blood and spinal fluid ebb and flow inside your skull.

Now, scientists have captured and magnified the effect of the heartbeat on the brain in real time. Using a new imaging technique the researchers can watch the brain bounce and warp as blood moves around the body.

Over the last few years this medical opinion has been changing with more studies and now through amplified MRI there is a video showing that your brain moves to the rhythm of your heart. The tiny movements – which are smaller than the width of a human hair – have been caught on film in a remarkable scientific breakthrough. The brain moves minutely with each heartbeat – on the order of ten to 150 micrometres which is less than the width of a single human hair. 

Osteopaths have been discussing and learning about this since the early 1900’s.