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Osteopath Rebecca Baxter shows you her self care protocol of techniques for blocked ducts and mastitis.

Painless mastitis treatment techniques have been something I have worked on since 2010. I had already been exposed to some fabulous osteopathic treatment approaches prior to pregnancy, but after birthing and having my own breastfeeding challenges I worked hard to develop a self care protocol of techniques for blocked ducts and mastitis. Since then I’ve taught hundreds of mothers how to do this protocol so that they could get treatment started in the middle of the night if they needed to, rather than waiting until they could get in to see me.

This page is for all my patients who need a reminder on how to do the painless mastitis techniques, but also for anyone wanting to get started on a natural treatment for blocked ducts and mastitis. These techniques are safe as long as you’re not causing any extra pain.

VERY IMPORTANTLY THOUGH – If you have a fever for more than 24 hours you need to see your doctor and get some antibiotics. Natural therapies are fabulous but they aren’t always the only solution. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and getting any extra help you need.

I will show you in the videos how to do the techniques and give a brief explanation of what they’re aimed at acheiving in the blurb under each one.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any extra information.

Painless Mastitis Treatment Technique 1

The Milk Shake

The Milk Shake technique is designed to get your milk and lymphatic fluid looser and less viscous.  It should feel like a gentle vibration through your breast and shouldn’t hurt.

Painless Mastitis Treatment Technique 2

Juice the Orange

The Juice the Orange Technique is designed to stretch the lymphatic channels within the breast to allow better drainage of lymphatic fluid through them.  This helps remove any swelling around the milk ducts which helps the milk be able to flow through them better.

Painless Mastitis Massage Technique 3

Pectoral Stretch

The Pectoral Stretch is done to help remove the lymphatic fluid.  All lymphatic vessels need muscles to move the fluid through them.  The lymphatic channels from the breast all move through the pectoral muscle, so stretching it is helpful for removing any built up swelling and inflammation.

Painless Mastitis Treatment Protocol

In this final video I look at when to use the techniques and how often to do them.

I also work with babies and help them to be able to breastfeed more easily, check out my osteopathic Approach to Poor Latch page for more information. And if you’d like to know more about me, check out my practitioner profile page – Rebecca Baxter.

I wish you all the best with your breastfeeding journey.