Vlog: Osteopathy for Pubic Diastasis and other symptoms of pregnancy

Osteopathy is a great option to help pregnant women cope with the changes involved in pregnancy and child birth including pubic diastasis. Most women will experience back or pelvic pain during pregnancy but for some these symptoms can become quite severe.  Whether it is sciatica, hip pain, pelvic instability or pubic diastasis, pain can […]

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newborn breastfeeding

Video Blog: Why treating newborn neck strain can help breastfeeding

Osteopath Rebecca Baxter talks about how neck strain in a newborn can make breastfeeding difficult on one side. Osteopathy doesn’t help breastfeeding specifically, but treatment may help if your newborn has a preference to only look in one direction. This strain, called torticollis can make latching on one side very difficult. This may present with […]

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