I have always been interested in how humans “work”. Before engaging on the path of osteopathy, I have graduated from a psychology degree and studied various forms of psychotherapy specialising in body oriented psychotherapy. Since relocating to Australia in 2011, I decided to follow my interest in body movement, focusing on training and working as a yoga and Pilates teacher for a number of years. Later this led me to seek further knowledge in holistic body functions which resulted in completion of an osteopathy degree at the Southern Cross University.

Although I love working with patients from all walks of life, being a mother of three, I have a special passion for treating babies and children. I have undertaken further osteopathic training in paediatrics and continue to pursue study in this area through specialised courses from practitioners around the world. Due to my background I am especially interested in assisting babies who had difficult labour or birth trauma. I enjoy supporting children with headaches, aches and pains, and behavioural issues associated with this.