News: Back to School Osteopathic Check-Up

Did you know osteopathic treatment can help remove the strain that's causing growing pains?

During rapid growth phases, the child’s bone lengthens before his muscles and tendons are able to stretch correspondingly. This can cause pain which is worsened if there is restricted movement elsewhere pulling even harder on the muscle or joint. Osteopathic treatment can straighten your child back up to help relieve the pain. - more

News: Christmas 2017 Trading Hours

Our Christmas and New Year Trading Hours

OPEN - now till - 23 December, 2pm

Closed 24-26th December

OPEN 27 - 29 December

Closed 30-2 January

OPEN 3 January



News: Regular Treatment For Adults

Pains and aches could be a sign that your body is working under biomechanical stress. Due to our increasingly sedentary lives, back pain is a common reason for sick leave. Regular visits with an osteopath e.g. every 4-6 weeks may minimise the risk of pain returning and increase function. Prevention - including better posture, gentle exercise and regular osteopathic treatment work together to allow you to live pain free well into your senior years.

News: Osteopathic Treatment for Seniors

Many seniors believe the effect of ageing on thier body's joints is untreatable. Keeping mobile is the key to your health. Osteopathy can offer the elderly treatment, advice and help to improve balance, circulation, joint stiffness and mobility.

The effects of ageing on the body can cause symptoms like

  • poor balance
  • general stiffness
  • back and neck pain
  • hip and knee pain and stiffness
  • arthritis and joint swelling


News: An Osteopathic Approach to Poor Latch

An Osteopathic Approach to Poor Latch

Have you had trouble breastfeeding? Have you been trying to get your baby’s neck to extend, or heard about the “tummy to tummy” thing but not really got it working? Or perhaps have you had trouble with your baby not opening their mouth very wide, only attaching to the nipple, or even just generally causing pain while they are breastfeeding.

News: Osteopathy for Management of Pain

Osteopaths are trained to identify and treat physical injuries in the body. The osteopaths are skilled at managing mechanical pain, or typical pain that is produced when there is discomfort or an immediate physical injury to the body.  - more

News: Pregnancy and Osteopathic Help

Osteopaths treat many symptoms associated with pregnancy: - more

News: Osteopathy for Children

Osteopaths treat many childhood conditions  - including:

  1. growing pains
  2. back and neck pain
  3. ear-aches
  4. headaches
  5. foot pain
  6. sporting injuries

Research has shown osteopathic manipulative treatment appears to be a safe treatment modality in the pediatric population when administered by osteopaths with the correct osteopathic qualifications - and are registered with the correct governing body. 

The research article is HERE.

News: Osteopathy for Low Back Pain

"Recent randomised controlled trials reported that osteopathic treatment was more effective than placebo for chronic low back pain interventions, more effective than usual medical care for acute low back pain, and helpful for low back pain in pregnant women."


Read the whole article HERE

News: Visit us to see our flowering Petrea Vine

Our Petrea Vine - or Queens/Purple Wreath is in full bloom.
It is often mistaken for wisteria because of the purple colour. Flowers in February, March, September, October, November, December.
- more

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