Osteopath, Dr Bernadette Dlabik completed a Bachelor degree in Clinical Science and a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine and is a member of the Australian Osteopathic Association.

Bernadette’s personal experience of the benefits of osteopathy was due to a knee injury sustained competing in a roller derby competition. Months of immobility led her to seek assistance from an osteopath who helped her relieve the pain and restore her normal function. It was this life-changing experience that Bernadette developed a love for osteopathy and realised that she wanted to help people achieve their optimal state of health.

Bernadette is extremely passionate about osteopathy and how it can assist patients to achieve their personal goals in health and well-being. Using her extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, neurology and nutrition alongside well-developed osteopathic techniques she aims to encourage the body’s own self-healing mechanisms to create an optimum environment for restoring and maximising ongoing good health.

Treatments are patient-centred and are therefore tailored to each individual, specifically aimed at alleviating the presenting symptoms by addressing the underlying causes of discomfort and ultimately improving your mobility and sense of well-being in a safe, welcoming and professional environment.

Bernadette likes to stay fit herself and therefore includes exercise advice in her treatments to encourage her patients to empower and support their own self-management in their journey to optimal health

Bernadette has a keen interest in community health that has led her to lend her osteopathic skills in events such as the Koori Rugby Knockout as well as volunteering in remote villages of Papua New Guinea.

If you do not find Bernadette in her treatment room, you will find her in amongst community events or within nature.

Bernadette is here 8am-2pm every Saturday.